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Simply choosing not to fly to your holiday destination is probably the greenest way to minimise the environmental impact of your holiday, whilst still enjoying some wonderful places and experiences. At EcoHolidayShop we can show you that, as well as yurts in Cotswolds or tipi's in Devon, there's lot of choices that don't involve flying - it could be a holiday cottage in Cornwall, a log cabin in the Lake District, or just camping by the sea. Whether it's a weekend break or full fortnight away, holidaying in the UK also supports the local economy, with a growing number of tourism related businesses seeing the benefits of adopting greener practices. Many of these business are certified by the Green Tourism Business Scheme, which assesses them against tough criteria - looking at aspects such as water and energy use, waste management and biodiversity.

If your kids don't think that staying in the UK is a 'proper' holiday, a ferry to a camping holiday in France, or a caravan near the beach in Jersey, or even a cottage in Isle of Wight, might satisfy their need to leave these shores.

What is the Green Tourism Business Scheme?

The Green Tourism Business Scheme is an award scheme that measures businesses who join against a rigorous set of criteria, covering a range of areas, like energy and water efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and more. Qualified assessors grade a wide range of business types from accommodation providers to visitor attraction to a Bronze, Silver or Gold standard.

About the team

We created the EcoHolidayShop to help promote holidays in the UK as an alternative to flying abroad. The emphasis, although not exclusively, is on green tourism and we list for free the properties and locations that operate in an environmentally sustainable way. All tourism has some environmental impact, however air travel is a major contributor to climate change; if we can encourage one less flight abroad in favour of a UK holiday, it's a small step in reducing emissions, and might encourage a repeat booking!

Ross and Issi Lammas

Issi (Alison) Lammas, Director

Environmental sustainability began as a concern of Issi's (aka Alison) in the late 1980's when she joined the (then) Countryside Commission, now Natural England, and began to understand the impact our lifestyles have on the environment. Working on policy development in a number of areas including transport, energy, sustainable design and the National Parks, Issi had a key role in coordinating the 1990 National Parks Review, leading to production of Fit for the future: report of the National Parks Review Panel 1991. Issi worked on a number of grants programmes including the Local Heritage Initiative, Rural Action and the Countryside Trust. In 2007, Issi jointly set up the energy efficiency website - sust.it and in 2009 took over the reigns of GreenChoices, as a way of providing consumers with a greater understanding about how our purchasing decisions affect the environment.

In addition, Issi is also a keen artist/printmaker, with particular interest in promoting greener ways of printmaking. Why two names? Issi evolved from Alison's maiden name Isbister which originates from the Shetland Isles.

Ross Lammas, Director

Ross is a new media producer with extensive knowledge and experience in producing many types of communications. Ross has a background in design, and has, amongst others things, developed award-winning educational software, learning resources for the NHS and credits for broadcast animation. In 2007 he used this creative approach when developing sust-it. The inspiration for an energy efficiency comparison site for electricals, came about after Ross designed and built an eco-house and office, (finalist in the Grand Designs Eco-house Awards 2007). He was frustrated by the lack of available information on electrical goods, and began researching the subject.

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Self-catering cottage holidays in the UK and Ireland can still be a green option. You can have the comforts of home and the flexibility to do what you want; when you want - without the hassles of air travel!

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